lucca scenery/brunello tastings


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can you recommend a drive for best scenery from Lucca and some brunello wineries that offer tasting and possible cellar tours. Not necessarily in the same day, but can be.


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Lucca & Brunello


Everything is possible while on vacation - but if you were to include Lucca and the Brunello area all in one day you would be sacrificing some great scenery and amazing stops along the way!

As for Lucca here are a few ideas gathered in this article:

As for Brunello and area, you might find a few ideas in this article:

And if you look through this link you will find several suggestions of places to visit in the area:

If I were to drive down from Lucca towards the Brunello area, I would include a stop in Volterra, then towards Monteriggioni and Siena then down towards Montalcino (maybe Bagno Vignoni) and over towards to Montepulciano.

There are so many wonderful surprises in between, it will be a great adventure.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise