Luggage and the train!



We are going to travel as much as possible by train or in some instances by bus. When we are on the train we may have our excess luggage as we will be transferring from one area to another.

My queries come from worries as I am traveling with my Mom. We are not going to have huge luggage, but we will definitely each have a rolley and a pack. It may be awkward loading and unloading from the trains.

? My question's are: regarding travel by train and one airport and timing question at the end.

1. Where does the luggage store? Inside the carriage or in a compartment below?

2. Is there problems with theft of luggage?

3. When one enters the trenitalia does one have to lug the luggage until two seats are found?
or are you given a seat or car #?
and then put the luggage close to where you sit?

I have done the train in France and was surprised that there was very little storage and you just found a spot close to your seat to put your luggage and most was out in the aisles.

Any other Train Travel Hints would be appreciated.

ALSO: When one departs the plane, heads to baggage, bus and train……. about how long does this process take?

We will be arriving into Florence from Frankfurt on Lufthansa, we will bus to Firenze SM Novella, catch the next train to Lucca hoping to arrive into Lucca by 1730 on Sept 8, 14.

Have a wonderful day!


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Dear Wilfam,
travelling by train is a wonderful experience, believe me! You won't worry about traffic and parking troubles, you'll just enjoy your relaxing tour around Tuscany.

Easy travelling is always the best option, but I understand that if you'll move from an area to another, you'll need to travel with your luggage. Trenitalia offers a service to all Frecciarossa and Frecciargento travellers for sending your luggage to your destination with an extra fee, have a look at this page:

When you arrive at the station and look for your train, you need to bring your luggage with you, even when, once got on the train, you'll look for two seats. You'd better do that than leave your luggage all alone (you don't need to look after your suitcase once stored in the relative space, but please don't leave it alone!!).

Usually luggage is stored inside the carriage, there are dedicated spaces above seats or between one and another, it depends on the type of train you get on.

Personally, I don't remember how travelling by train in France is (I did that, but many years ago), but reading your description it seems to be not too different from Italy. Space for storing luggage is not a lot, but it all depends on the type of train. If the train isn't crowded, you may also store the luggage just next to you.

Once arrived at the airport, getting off the plane, getting the luggage and looking for the bus will approximately take half an hour...approximately!

I'm sure you'll enjoy your train trip to Tuscany :)
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