Luxury Farmstay in Tuscany


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I am a travel and lifestyle writer from NYC. I am spending the summer in Europe and specifically, 2 weeks in Italy in August. I have booked all with great ease except Tuscany. I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the vastness and thousands of options. We know we want a farmstay with amenities such as a pool, property restaurant, wine vineyards and olive oil production on site. We also want to be less than an hour from Florence and ideally on the side closer to Rome(our next stop). We will be traveling with a teen and tween.

Excellent food is a must.

Welcome any and all suggestions!


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The timing is where you will find it hard to find something appropriate ---- an hour from Florence still has you in Chianti wine country before SIENA so it isn't closer to Rome.
It is all because they are country roads but as soon as you get to the highway, you can travel fast down to Rome.

I have two specific suggestions:
Borgo di Pietrafitta -
Borgo Scopeto -

Both are in Chianti closer to Siena than to Florence

If you want to stay closer to Florence, I'd recommend you look into Villa Medicea di Lilliano -