Lv Florence to Pisa->Lucca->CT for 1 day?


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Is it reasonable to think from Florence I could catch a early train to Pisa, then train to Lucca for lunch/site seeing, then make it to Riomaggiore for dinner/hotel? Then wake in the morning for hiking only to catch late train to Rome that evening? I have 2 days I can play with and its either add a day to Rome and Florence or do this and see the CT?


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Somehow I hadn't seen this yet, sorry!

You might be able to make it work out quite well.... but you definitely will be rushing a bit, especially the first day. Have you checked train timetables on to see whether the trains would make it possible for you to do the timing right? It is possible, just saying you might be rushing Pisa and Lucca a bit....

A whole day in CT should be good, with late train to Rome - just make sure you have something lined up in Rome where you can arrive at a decent hour ;-)

Most important don't have too much luggage.... since you will have to be carting it around Pisa and Lucca and CT!