May 1 - Holiday Openings for 2017


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This question may come up often, but in looking at different sites, it is not clear on what will, or will not, be open on May 1st for this year in Florence. We are visiting for one day by cruise ship and have limited time and no options for changing the day we will be there. I understand that the Uffizi and Accademia museums will be closed - but are the others open? Is the Duomo open? What about stores / shops / restaurants?

Lastly, is there one thing on this day, May 1st, during the day, that we should try to see or do because it is the holiday, that we would not be able to see other days during the year?

I am looking forward to coming back to Italy and my first time to Florence. Thank you so much for your thoughtful insights.


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May 1st


May 1st this year is on a Monday, which just makes it so much more difficult to predict what the museums will do, since traditionally Monday is a day they NORMALLY are closed.

Last year in Florence, several museums did open their doors, making it a day to enjoy the cultural riches of the city...but unfortunately we never know who will grace us with this option until almost the very last minute. Believe me it is frustrating for us who live here!!

I would suggest you save this link, and keeping checking through the next few months, because we will update it as soon as we have current information with the openings and closing of the various MUSEUMS. As for the churches - there should be no problem with openings on that day.

There are several walking itineraries you can do in Florence which don't require entrance in order to appreciate the eternal beauty of the city - such as:

May is a great time to enjoy the color and blooms of Florence:

Give yourself time to enjoy the historic city walls - no museum entrance is necessary to see the hitsory of Florence.

Stunning and impressive, paintings of the last supper actually originated in Florence, and this link will show you the best ones to visit.

For more ideas, you can check out this link:

Buon Viaggio,

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