Medieval festivals near Lucca 26-July to 1-Aug


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We are traveling from Australia and meeting our son + wife and 2 grandchildren in Camiore near Lucca. I'd love to take the grandchildren to a medieval festival - are there any nearby in this small timescale?
I understand the Joust of the Bear at Pistoia is on the 25th but that is when they arrive.
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Ciao PhilMarion,

The problem so much isn't the small timescale but the fact that medieval festivals (and many other food and music festivals) are generally organized on the weekend, when they can count on more people showing up. So you pretty much have only the weekend of July 26-27 to work with.

I don't see anything yet for that weekend on my radar (we really like medieval festivals as well so we keep a special eye out for them) so I suggest, if you can, to post again on this thread in early July - that way I will be reminded to look up that weekend for you!


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Having said that, for now all that I found is that the very small village of Casoli near Bagni di Lucca in Val di Lima organizes a medieval festival the last weekend in July.
I found it mentioned here:
but there aren't that many details. Since it was held last year, I am thinking it is likely to be held this year as well.

In any case, remind me by posting here at the end of June or early July ;)


In the villages of Garfagnana to the north of Lucca there are many festivals called "sagre" (plur. of "sagra"), that is outdoor places to eat good traditional food, and also medieval festivals with historical reenactments or "rievocazioni storiche" in July and August...especially in August! Each village has its own. In most cases, they take place every day of the week, since locals also enjoy evenings out with the family when it's warm outside.

I am sure Lourdes can help give us a better translation for this last term :)
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Paola - historical reenactments is the right term, even if the "medieval festival" is generally more organized, the reenactments are similar but pick a certain event in the past of the village that was important for them or the area.

Regardless, just keep in mind most are on the weekends... but the smaller, village "sagre" definitely also take place in the evenings on week nights.