Medieval Festivals

My husband and I will be in Tuscany for about a month and a half in May and June 2016. Your comments on Serremaggio made me search for any other Medieval festivals going on during this period and I found a few more: Cortona -Giostra del Archidado; Malmantile -Festa Medievale; Serravalle Pistoiese - Festa medievale; San Gimignano - Ferie delle Messi. If it were up to me I would attend all, but my husband might have a problem with that. I was wondering if you could help me prioritize a bit among these 5 festivals so I can make a better plan for our trip. I appreciate your help. Julie V.
Unfortunately the link above is to a festival that happens in July and I will be back home by then. Can you tell me which of the festivals I listed you personally liked the best?


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The Monteriggioni is a great festival but yes, it happens end of June/early July so too late for you.

For those that happen between May and June -- I highly recommend the San Gimignano Ferie delle Messi and the Malmantile, although it is much smaller. I am not sure the Serravalle one is being held this year, I think it wasn't last year. I've heard the Cortona one is really great but have not yet gone -- maybe we will this year to check it out!! So to not overdo it - although it is a great way to experience the towns - I'd highly suggest Cortona and San Gimignano!