Mercato Centrale covid rules?



Is the Mercato Centrale open back normal again and can you sit at the bars and small eating places again?

If yes what are the rules for this? Is it for everyone or you need a Covid Safe ticket (Green pass) as a tourist?

Also open again till 12 am?


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Yes, I can confirm the Mercato Centrale reopened in June, first with shorter hours but it is now open until midnight.

Yes, as dining is indoors, you do need to show a green pass to enter the market. It is the same at all restaurants and cafes -- to dine indoors, you need the green pass.

Inside, it still works the same way -- different vendors, you buy/pay at each and then can find your own seating. You can call and book a table for the Tosca restaurant and the pizzeria.

You can read more info on events here:
and general info: