micro breweries in chianti


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I will be traveling to the Chianti beginning of April 2015 and would like to visit a beer brewery if there are any. Any tips?


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Thank you.

Thank you. I have heard that La Birroteca di Greve is worth a visit (we will be staying at tavarnelle).


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here's a few more, across Tuscany -
http://www.birrificio26nero.it/ near Monteriggioni
http://www.birrificiomontelupo.com/ in Montelupo
www.birrificioolmaia.com in S. Albino, Montepulciano (SI).
www.realbeer.it in Florence
www.mostodolce.it in Prato
www.birracajun.it in Marradi (FI)
www.bruton.it in S. Cassiano di Moriano (LU)
www.birra-amiata.it in Arcidosso (GR)
www.birra-rhyton.it in Mercatale di Vernio (PO)
www.lapetrognola.com in Piazza Al Serchio (LU)
www.birragranducato.it in Prato
www.atlanticoil.it in Poppi (AR)

While Tuscany and Chianti is mostly known for its wine, there is a lot of micro-brewing going at a local, artisan level, even in Florence. Here's a longer list: http://www.microbirrifici.org/Toscana_birrifici_regione.aspx

The Birroteca in Greve is more like a beer bar, and not a brewery itself. But it is great in that it offers a lot of local beers for you to taste.

Have fun on your adventure!