Midnight taxi ride from Bologna to Florence

Susan Kiseloff

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My travel partner and I arrive in Bologna at midnight in late May. We would like to fast forward to Florence due to time limitations, and have priced taxi fares and are ready to bit the bullet in price since we will split it. Can you recommend a reliable taxi service, since we feel a little vulnerable as female foreigners with little Italian language?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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I understand your concern about getting into a random car at that hour. So rather than take a random taxi as you arrive in Bologna, I'd suggest you contact several of the agencies in Bologna that offer car with driver service. By contacting them ahead of time to ask for a price estimate and to set up the pick up directly at the airport, you'll also see their customer service and in that way establish a relationship ahead of time. You won't feel like you're getting a car with complete strangers.

I found these for you:

Some are large companies, the last one is a one person shop who offers the service. A variety of options, to see range of cost. I am sure you'll find something you like. Good luck!