Minibus travel in Tuscany


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We are planning a trip to Tuscany with a group of six and would perfer to travel together on our day trips into the contryside and small towns. How problematic will it be to find parking for a larger vehicle like a minibus that would hold six adults? We understand most parking areas are outside the city center anyway, but can we fit into the spaces provided?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Yes, you'll see there are always spaces where a minibus can park. In the smaller towns, generally there are even spaces for buses and even in Florence, there are areas that specifically have spaces for buses..... and depending on the bus (or minivan), you might fit in normal spaces if you find there aren't others right around (many Italians don't park within the lines so sometimes you'll find extra space on one end or the other). If you can, for 6 people I'd go to a minivan rather than a bus, to keep fuel costs down too!