Montalcino wineries

I am going crazy trying to come up with my final must see wineries in Montalcino and Montelpuciano!
I am hoping to go to smaller, yet very good quality wineries that don't export a lot to the USA. I need to bring back some great Brunello!
Every list I am finding online and in books is different!
Any suggestions?
Leaving for Italy in 3 weeks and panicking.
Also, if I buy bottles at several wineries can I take them to a post office and ship home or is it better to ship bottles bought thru the enoteca?


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FYI about exports


I am presently doing some research on this subject, looking for those small little surprises of a vineyard and once the article is ready I will send you a link. However, in the meantime I would like to say that even though the BIG ones export … many times the wine you can find here in not what they are exporting. Not that it’s not good wine going into the States, but there are so many things that figure into deciding what wines to ship and in many instances they look for a more mainstream flavour, with a large yield.

So - I wouldn’t NOT go to some of the bigger ones, maybe even DO go so you can bring home a vintage - a riserva - an IGT that just doesn’t make it into the export market. You will still be ahead of the game for your son.

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Thank you and I can't wait to see your recommendations!
Also, what is the best way to bring wine home? Postal? FedEx? Pack in checked luggage? Hoping for a good mixed case of wine. Do enotecas ship? Any clue what a ballpark $ ?


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bring back wine

Buongiorno -

the absolute best way - if the winery has an agreement with a local shipper (normally Mailboxes) then pay to let the winery organize everything...they normally don't earn a dime on the shipping - believe me it would just make it too costly. What they can offer you is door to door service, just double check that ALL taxes are PREPAID, so you have no unexpected surprises.

My experience has been that shipping it, yes adds a cost to the bottle, but you will still be paying less than if you actually bought the bottle in the States.

You can take back two liters of alcohol with you in a CHECKED bag - don't hand carry it, you will only be giving it to the customs control people...who can't even enjoy it!

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Thank you so much for the response! I will probable end up bringing some back in checked bags, and also shipping some home. Any recommendations of MUST SEE & BUY wineries in Montalcino & montelpuciano?


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Open up Google Maps and switch to satellite mode. Zoom in on Montalcino. Look for the scattered headquarters of wineries. Some of them are labeled with names. Some aren't. if you find ones that don't have their own website but do list the phone number those are those small ones you're looking for that Arent well publicized. Call them to schedule a tasting. All of the wine will be good because they have to meet the same strict standards of the DOCG.
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