Montecanti Evening activities


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My husband and I are visiting over Thanksgiving for a week and will be based in Montecanti. I am having a difficult time finding evening activities. We don't love bars. We do enjoy theater performances (plays, ballet, opera, music, etc) and of course love food or unique experiences. Can anyone recommend resources to find performances? When I do a search I can't find anything or it keeps pulling movie theater listings. :-( Is there a city wide weekly magazine that lists out current events and activities I can look at online? If you know of a unique activity I would love to know about it too - we are pretty adventursome!

Thanks for all your help!


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To be honest, most the evening life in Montecatini will revolve around dinner time (cocktails, dinner) with many pubs, lounge bars and nightclubs to enjoy after.

As far as entertainment, theater-wise the main one is Teatro Verdi, and they do music, ballet, plays -- you can see their programming here which unfrotunately is not particularly interesting this month:

The Opera, on the other hand, ends in mid-October with nothing planned in November:

The main streets, Via Roma, Viale Matteotti and Viale Verdi, have lots of shops and are perfect for shopping - before dinner time.

I assume you'll take advantage of the thermal spas there - you can find more info on the main ones here:
These thermal centers organize activities -- and the easiest thing to do will be to wait until you get here and stop by the tourism office and get the events calendar there (since I wasn't able to find anything online). The address is Viale Verdi 66/68