Montescudaio | FESTA DEL VINO DOC 2023?


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Hello Everyone. This is my first post here.

I can't seem to find the exact dates of the Montescudaio | FESTA DEL VINO DOC 2023 in October which is listed in the events section of this site. Does anyone know if it will be on the weekend of Oct 1 or Oct 7?

Any details would be helpful as I was looking to plan our trip to include this in our plans.

Ciao Arnaud,

There is no official information yet on the association's website so keep on eye on that - - to see when it gets updated. I would think it might stay on the first weekend of October, so October 1st, considering it was the date for last year's event. Only way for sure is to keep checking back, if not email them directly and ask for confirmation.