Motorcycling in Florence.


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Myself and two friends will be passing by Florence on Sunday 13th Sept. From Rimini to Pisa.
We would like to park as centrally as possible just to get a flavour of the city and have some lunch.

Can anyone suggest a good place to leave the three bikes?? They will be fully loaded up with pannies etc.
so good to be in full sight.

thanks, all advice welcome. :cool::cool::cool:


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Parking your Bikes


the first place that comes to me is right in front of the Bibliotecca Nazionale (the National Library at the intersection of Lungarno delle Grazie and Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia)

it is definitely vey open and busy there - plus you are close to walking into town for visiting just about everything.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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Great advice, I had seen that junction on the map and it looked relatively smple to get to.

So if you are a round there on Sunday 13th and see three rather worn out UK bikers say hi.


thanks again


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We hope to be there for lunch.

Theres a group, 21 in total now, riding down from the Midlands in England the majority of which are off to watch Rossi in the GP, so all staying in Rimini on Staurday night, but three of us, who may be a little more cultured decided to ride to Pisa via Florence, So we hope to have lunch in Florence and a couple of sightseeing hours.
You will recognise us, two Triumphs and a BMW, probably looking a little weary, in need of a good glass of wine :rolleyes: