Moving around Tuscany without a car


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My wife and I are coming to Italy in October 2011 for the first time.
We are reluctant to drive and would prefer to catch trains and or buses

This a proposed itinerary of what we would like to do.

We arrive by train in Florence (from Munich 6.30am 01/10/2011) and spend 1 night in Florence.
We then catch a train to Venice and spend 2 nights in Venice and then catch a train back to Florence.

We then want to spend 6 nights in Tuscany.

We thought of either going to Siena (or another town) and using that as our main base to see other cities but i am worried of spending too much time in a train/ bus and not being able to enjoy the atmosphere at night of the other towns


Travelling from Florence to Lucca, 1 night Luccca then 1 night San Gimignano, 1 night Siena, 2 nights Arezzo and then back to Florence. or any other order or any other towns

Not sure what mode of transport to use and how to get from town to town.

If we use the second option my wife is afraid that the holiday will be rushed packing up and moving all the time but i think we will have more time to enjoy each town.

We have to be in Rome on the 9th/10/2011. Any suggestions where we leave from and how we get there plane/ train etc.

Please help as it is our first time.

Thank you


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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a week in Tuscany moving around with the train and bus

Ciao Steve,

Don't worry, we'll try to offer suggestions to help you figure out the best itinerary for your trip!

First off, since you're coming from Munich, I'd suggest you first stop in Venice and then move on to Florence. Not much sense to backtrack along the same rail line!

Then you can do see Florence.... and use Florence as your base as you start your day trips: from Florence, it is easy to catch the train and see both Pisa and Lucca in one day, as well as take a bus to San Gimignano. So do 3 nights in Florence. Then you can move on to Siena (get there with the SITA bus from Florence, faster than the train) and from Siena catch bus 138 to Arezzo. The bus ride takes 90 minutes, less than the train ride (2 hours) and takes you through Tuscan country. There are buses from Via Tozzi in Siena at 10:10, 15:30 and 18:30, try to catch the morning one.

From Arezzo, catch the train to Rome, without the need to head back north to Florence!

Check out train schedules on here:
You won't be able to see precise timetables for October yet but they'll give you an idea of what is available. Generally timetables are available 3 months in advance.

Hope I've been helpful, do let us know whether you have any other questions! :)