Moving to LUCCA


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Hi there,

I am moving to Lucca in a couple of weeks! :)

I've got a job there from April to November and I was wondering which site is the best to look for a long term apartment.

Most of the places that I found are vacation apartments so I am struggling a bit to find a nice place there.

Any suggestions where I can look for?

Thank you very much,



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Moving to Lucca

Buongiorno and congrats,

Lucca is a lovely place to experience the traditions and beauty of Tuscany.

Just as an FYI, not many will consider April to November as a long term contract - it is seasonal (stagionale), and there are specific contracts for this type of stay. You will also be covering some of the best months for many who rent apartments, so you may find it a bit difficult.

The first place I suggest you look is Air BnB, they occasionally have places for people looking of a longer stay, and then you might want to try this link, while they deal with purchasing, they can also assist you with rental apartments.

You might also want to check out your new workplace, sometimes they have apartments that they can direct you to locals who are already willing to let a place.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise
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