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We aren't going to be originals here just the standard Pisa, Lucca day trip. It seems that most do Pisa first then wrap up the day in Lucca. We think we will spend the majority of the day in Lucca. We are planning to schedule the tower climb and have ideas of touring the cemetery in Pisa. If we spend the morning into early mid afternoon in Lucca does the tower area "slow down" towards later afternoon into evening? Are the views from the tower better or worse toward evening? What are your opinions and thoughts of PISA or Lucca more towards the evening hours?

I've done a bit of research with trains and availability. We prefer walking to the tower to get a feel and the sights of Pisa. We are planning to enjoy a bike ride in Lucca and lots of strolling about and maybe a tower climb. Can you help with some train specifics please. According to our Hotel information the closest train stop is Santa Maria Novella train station.

Thank you for any and all help and information you can give.


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I agree, I think most people do Pisa first and then Lucca... so you might avoid many of the crowds in the piazza in the evening. During the summer, the tower in Pisa is open longer so you can go up and enjoy seeing the view at sunset or enjoy the town when many visitors have left. So I'd also recommend doing Pisa in the second part of the day.

The main station in Florence is Santa Maria Novella, whether you go to Lucca or Pisa first, you depart from that station. It is very central.

The train station in Pisa is Pisa Centrale, then go out and walk across town so that you can do the "lungarno" as well as the old part of town. Read this recommended itinerary:
and this one for Lucca:

Hope this is helpful!