My plans about Tuscany


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Hello there!
I am not a newbie about Tuscany, because I had a trip to Italy 2 years ago.
But that time was just like a little introduction.
I spent 2 weeks in Italy and visited, okay, I will tell you about my route, here it is:
1. I came to Bergamo airport (was cheaper than Milan airport), I bought a 5 euro ticket for a bus to Milan and came there in 40 mins.
2. I spend one day there and decided to come back at the end of the trip.
3. Then I moved to Florence by TranItalia train and stayed there for 4 days. I didn't visit Pisa, I want to do that my next time.
4. After that, I came to Rome for a few days, I am so in love with Vaticano!
5. I also stayed for a couple of days in Lavinio, had a wonderful time by the sea...
6. The next city for tree days is Venice... that was absolutely marvelous!!! That is truly the city of my dreams, I am enchanted with it!
7. I also spent 2 days in Verona, it's really cute and comfy.
8. Then I turned back to Milan and spent there my last days of a trip.
That is the truth that different parts of Italy have a huge difference in culture and lifestyle.
Next time, I want to explore Tuscany, spend there about 2 weeks, rent a car and take my time. Yeah, I need to prepare properly for it. There is a huge list, starting from choosing the car rental buro, looking for a good GPS, maybe I will use my friend's reviews or jonsguide, need to search for places to stay, eat, good cappuccino and many others...
I hope that coronavirus issues will end in a few months...
If you have some questions about my trip, ask freely.
Thank you!