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Hi everybody!
I am supposed to visit Florence to take part at a scientific conference for 4 days. The flight from where I live is available 3 days prior to the conference and I am going back a day after the conference. I’ve never been in Pisa or Florence. I am looking forward to any suggestions about how to spend my free days. Whether to stay in Pisa for a couple of days, or go to Florence straight away and visit Pisa from there? Any thoughts are welcome.


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Ciao Watson, welcome to Discover Tuscany!
if you have 3 days I would suggest spending at least 2 days in Florence, as it definitely requires more time to visit than Pisa. You can see our guide to have a better idea of all the things you can see and do.

If you had more time it could have been worth it to spend a couple of days in Pisa too, but since the main attractions are concentrated in Piazza dei Miracoli (The leaning tower, the Baptistery, the Duomo, the Museo dell'opera) it's more doable in a single day.

Going to Pisa from Florence (or the other way around)k with the train is fast and easy, it takes aproximately 1 hour and there are trains every hour, in case if you prefer going back to Pisa from Florence.

have a great stay ;)