Need advice on how best to view depart of Giro d'Italia from Florence May 17th

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I'll be coming in from Rome by train. I'll be wanting to know which train station I should go into and how best to get to the start line of the race. Apparently it begins at Ponte a Ema. Not sure what/where that is in relation to the city center. Any other logistical information will be appreciated. Grazie.
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You can come into either the SMN or Campo di Marte train station, and from there you can pick up the ATAF line 31 or 32 which will take you to Ponte a Ema.

Keep in mind that the original bus stop may be moved to accommodate the race schedule and position - so check the map before you go so you are familiar with the area.

I know that Ponte a Ema has a Bike Museum dedicated to Gino Bartali so I imagine that the starting point is near here.

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