Need help for Tuscany Region - 4 days (3.5 days ideally)


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Dear Friends

I read few replies and i am really really impressed with your detail information. God bless you all for helping all the travelers.

My Wife and I are planning our first trip to Italy in May 2016.

Please see the tentative itinerary below:

Thu 5th May Rome arrival time - 10:30 Am
Fri 6th May Rome
Sat 7th May Florence / Tuscany
Sun 8th May Florence / Tuscany
Mon 9th May Florence / Tuscany
Tue 10th May Florence / Tuscany
Wed 11th May Venice
Thu 12th May Venice
Fri 13th May Bologna departure time - 14:00

I need your help for Tuscany region. Me and my wife we both love Nature. Our interest in History is Ok Ok. We don't drink wine so this option is completely out for us. Our main area of interest are Nature, Greenery, & Mountains.

This is the first time for my wife to Europe.

Appreciate if you can advice me where we can stay. what we can do?

Which day tours we can take for cities like Chianti, Siena & Pisa. or should we stay 1 night in any of the city?

Your advice will really make our plan complete.

Thanks & Regards


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Nature Suggestions


I have been partecipating in lots of hiking excursions in the last month - and it is just so beautiful to get out there and see Tuscany up close in that way.

I suggest you have a look at these ideas for hiking starting with the via Francigena. These are some organized trails that will have you exploring all of Tuscany (from north to south)

You can also look at Sentieri in Toscana (you will find them on FB and even though right now I don't see any dates published, I know they have a May calendar) -, they are arranging some awesome hikes on islands off the coast of Tuscany in May. Mariella speaks English.

We just highlighted this article in our April newsletter ;-) (be sure to sign up for more May information!!) about hiking around San Gimignano

This really just touches the tip of the hiking iceberg in don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise