Need help planning my TUSCAN WEDDING FEAST!


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Does anyone have delicious tradtional Tuscan dish ideas to help me plan my wedding day feast. I'm worried about splashing my dress with sauce so nothing to saucy (lol).


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just thinking of ideas to suggest is making me hungry! LOL :)

Ciao Gemma,

Don't worry about splashing your dress - think about what you'd like! Do you have a caterer helping you out? I am sure they have some menu proposals with what is often requested and popular. Are you organizing a sit down formal reception feast or more casual, with buffet style serving?

While I love pici all'aglio (homemade spaghetti with red garlic sauce) I'd also stay away from it on a wedding day, for the same reason you're concerned :)
But since it isn't usually served at weddings, I am thinking it is already something caterers have considered.

I'd think a risotto with a seasonal vegetable would be very good.... wedding is in September or October, right? So maybe with pumpkin/squash? or mushrooms/funghi porcini?

Then a pasta dish, usually some ravioli with a cheese sauce, not too liquidy so it doesn't splash. In Tuscany potato stuffed ravioli are a local specialty, as well as those stuffed with ricotta.

For main dish, in Tuscany you end up with meat.... something like bistecca Fiorentina might be too pricey, but you can definitely go for the "tagliata", with roasted potatoes and grilled veggies as sides. Another popular option is "cinghiale" which is wild boar. You'll also have to consider some vegetarian options for your guests.

Ok won't offer ideas for desserts because that is way too long :) choose what you like.... just consider that many offer the possibility of doing crepes with nutella on the spot for guests who would like that "extra" option in addition to the wedding cake LOL ;-) Have you found a bakery for the cake already?


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Hi Lourdes,

Thanks for the suggestions it really helps, now you mention the ravioli that does seem to be a very local dish.
I'm bringing a Chef with me to Tuscany, a bit unusual but my family are in the catering business here so we may as well use our strengths. The Chef will have an assistant and she will be serving us at the table (28 guests). As there is only her serving, I think we plan to have lots of dishes out that can be passed around (this seems more Italian too) instead of a one dish formal main course.
The bistecca Fiorentina would be nice, I would need to find out the cost I'm sure lo sposo would love that.
We will have an aperitif while the photographer does her thing.
Do you have any suggestions on whats usual for a starter at a wedding?

We are going to serve up the wedding cake as dessert. With your help from an earlier forum I've booked the cake with Pasticceria Pinelli, the cake will look something like the carved fruit tart on the main website page.
I'm really looking forward to seeing/eating that, I'm expecting it to be fantastic.
I'm sure we could get some Gelato for guests who don't want cake.

So I can send the chef your suggestions and see what she says.
Thanks very much.
I can't wait to go now, all this planning for the wedding, what to see, how to get guests from the airport. Still have to wait patiently another 67 days (flights 29th Sept). AAAAAAAhhhhhhh!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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buffet style at first while you mingle

ciao Gemma,

It sounds like a great idea to take advantage of a chef you already have.
I am sure the dinner and reception will come out lovely.

About starters..... the weddings I've been to here (including my own) usually do this: as guests arrive and are waiting around for the wedding couple to also arrive (they are off taking pictures for a short while), there are tables set up with appetizers - from different types of cheese cut up and served with fruti, honeys and jams to local regional cold cuts (salami, prosciutto crudo, finocchiona, that sort of thing) to small bites of fried veggies to bruschetta and other hor d'ourves. Wines and bubbly and water and punches. All this is buffet style. Guests go up and get what they want, gives them a chance to mingle and chat and talk about how lovely the ceremony was.

Once the wedding couple arrives (or even if the couple is there mingling with everyone), then at some point you all head to the the sit down part of the meal and basically start with the pasta/risotto dish. I've seen it done this way every time, must be traditional!!