Need help with itinerary ( Entering through Tirano via Bernini and return thru Rome)


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I'm traveling this June from Switzerland via the Bernina train to Northern Italy, have two weeks to travel thru Italy and return out of Rome 15 days later. I'm traveling with my husband, 3 teenagers and a 5 year old and we've never been to italy. We thought arrive Tirano train to Milan for 1 night, train to Verona 1 night on way to Venice ( 2 nights) and then rent a car and drove to Tuscany( 5 nights) and Rome ( 5 noghts). I'm having trouble figuring out if this works, can we feasibly drive from venice to Chianti , is Chianti the best town to base in? We want to see Florence, and the hill towns at our leisure. Is cinque terre to far to day trip? Any recs greatly appreciated as well as best towns, accommodations for 6. I'm ok with 300-400 per night for villa or hotel rentals. Thank you!!


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I just wanted to add that we have 14 nights and want to see as much as we can without wasting time in trains ect. I thought to mix up city and country in some way and am completely flexible and in the planning stage. Only thing that is certain is our arrival in Tirano and departure home 15 days later out of Rome. I could skip Milan entirely but I thought to see the Last Supper and Duomo even if it's just a day and we arrive in Tirano via trai at somewhere around 1:30 pm. I thought to directly train to Milan and sleep for night, wake up see a bit of the city and make our way to Vernona and then Down to Venice. Is it better to train or rent a car at this point?


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Northern Italy is not my area - but I will say this, if I were traveling I would stay on the trains and make the trip from Milan to Venice FIRST and then go to Verona (by train) pick up a car and drive to Tuscany. Make sure you look into the train tickets for families, they will help you cut costs.

Arrive early to Venice, sleep one night and leave as late as possible the second. Venice can be expensive but two days will probably be all you need with the teenagers.

Sleep in Verona (I loved the Arena) and then grab a car to Tuscany.

I would suggest staying in the countryside around Florence or northern Chianti and make it your base for a few days then move south towards Siena or Pienza for the remaining days before heading over to Rome.

Something like:
could be a good middle ground. Been there and it is great.

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