Need itinerary help for Tuscany.

Michael Peters

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Hello all. My wife and I are returning to Italy this year. We went to Rome on our honeymoon about 8 years ago.

This time we are taking my mother, sister-in-law, and 4 year old daughter. We have rented a BnB in a villa in Carmignano. 5 nights.

My question is, now that I have the room and flights, what do we do?? What do we see?

I wrestle with wether we should have stayed in Florence proper, but I know we also wanted to see the countryside via car.

So far, I think we will want to see Florence. Lucca, Pisa. And we want to try to go to a beach and maybe even a ferry to Corsica.

But I don't know how much time I will have to do all that. I don't know where to explore to find medieval villages and excellent food and cheese and meats. I want to see Etruscan ruins. Ancient sites. Little villages with little shops. I don't know the transportation issues (we planned on public transport to the cities, and car to the smaller villages and beach).

Basically, what can't we miss, and what can we skip? Should we have stayed in Florence proper, or is a villa in the countryside going to give us the best all-around experience.

Here is a bit of what we each are interested in:

Wife and I - loved the hustle/bustle of Rome, with the food and secretive narrow streets and the ancient history.
Mother - more of a Tuscan countryside person. Hills and little villages and shops.
Sister-in-law: food and wine
Daughter - whatever we like :)

Thanks all!!!


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Great choice Carmignano. I get that you like the hustle bustle (not going to happen here) but the views and the countryside are good compensation.

You will find some awesome Etruscan ruins, Medici villas and small towns loaded with wine options just around the corner from where you are staying.

Read here for some itin ideas and a short blub on Carmignano:

and this article will also give you a few ideas:

As for the beaches have a read of this blog post: about something a bit closer Elba? or if you really want to see some coastal towns Cinque Terre?

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise