NEED SUGGESTIONS PLEASE! Vineyard Stay in Tuscany

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Hello everyone!

i am planning to visit italy for the 1st time in july. i will be traveling alone . Im landing in Florence and want to stay for a week or so on a working Vineyard. the problem is I DO NOT DRIVE :) i would like your help with suggestions for vinyard that is in or near a town/village that i can get to form Florence using transport. im looking for a vinyard that is walkign distance form a small village or town that i can go to for shops and buying food. someone suggested to me "Fattoria Viticcio " which is PERFECT! but they are fully booked :(

i would appreciate your help!


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There are many working vineyards in Tuscany, the harder part is just making them be in an easy to reach place from a town ;-) Viticcio would have been perfect, but if you look for other places that surround Greve, you can find more.

Changing area, but all places I would recommend because they are walking distance from a small town:

Fattoria il Lago just outside of Dicomano -
or Torre a Cona which is along the bus route from Florence to San Donato in Collina and is just 20 min walking distance into San Donato -
or Fattoria dell'Orto degli Ulivi, which is a bit of a walk from the main road but not more than a mile - Molin del Piano has shops and places to eat.


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Near Impruneta


You could have a look at Podere Le Cave. It is only 700 meters from a bus that takes you to the town of Impruneta (and Florence)

Buon Viaggio,

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Vineyard Stay near Greve

As mentioned by Lourdes, the vineyards in Tuscany are not so easy to access without a car. One very nice place to stay which is accessible by public transport is Terre di Baccio-

The owner's daughter, Ilaria, runs the B&B part and they occasionally do cooking classes. I can't remember if it is someone from outside who does them - it might be Manuela from Florence

It is about 5 minutes walk from Greve-in-Chianti (you take a short cut through the vines!) which itself is on a frequent bus route to Florence: frequent meaning about one bus an hour, but a pleasant enough place to waste an hour should you miss your bus.

It is not clear from your question, are you planning on WORKING at a vineyard or just wish to stay? Generally at the smaller vineyards it is friends and family who help out at harvest time, and as often as not payment is in wine or olive oil (or perhaps you could negociate your stay/accommodation).