Need suggestions with what to see - visiting Florence for 3 days


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We will be in Florence for just a short time (full days Oct 6, 7, 8). Plan to visit Uffizi, Vasari Corridor, Accademia, Boboli Gardens, Duomo. Thinking of a morning tour of Uffizi plus Vasari Corridor on one day. What is the best way to do this time wise and cost? Appreciate any suggestions!


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The only way to visit the Vasari Corridor is through a group tour such as the ones you find here:
I would suggest the one that includes the Uffizi, Vasari Corridor and Accademia -

The Vasari Corridor ENDS in the Boboli Gardens, so you can visit the gardens then, although it will be a long day.

You can visit the Duomo and the other monuments around the cathedral on another day. The cathedral is free but a 10 euro pass covers all of the other monuments (valid only for 24 hours) so you can do those in one day.

The 3rd day you can do whatever else meets your fancy - I suggest just walking around and enjoying the places you've seen on the tour - Piazza della Signoria, the Ponte Vecchio, or a walk up to the Piazzale Michelangelo at sunset to enjoy the view!

Here is a 3 day itinerary if you choose to not do the tour:
(but remember the Vasari is only accessible with an organized group tour).


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Visiting Pisa from Florence, an evening out?

Hi Lourdes,

Can we do a walking tour of Florence in the morning and visit Pisa by train in the evening? This is in September. I have booked a walking tour starting at 9:30 am for 3 hours with Artviva. We don't plan to climb the tower but just visit and have dinner around there, before heading back to Florence.
Another question: Is there a combined ticket for Uffizi abd Accademia and can we see them both in one evening? Thanks a lot.


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trains to Pisa

Bongiorno -

there is a Regional Veloce (49 min) train at 1 pm or you can catch a train at 1:30 pm - its a little bit longer but you will still be in Pisa by 2:30 PM giving you lots of time to visit the Square of Miracles and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Cathedral, Camposanto & Baptistry.

I suggest that you let your guide know you want to do this, so they know you have a time schedule. Sometimes these walking tours are so interesting it becomes easy to extend it an extra 10 - 15 mins just talking about everything you have seen! ;-)

If you want to actually walk up the Leaning Tower, be sure to pre book your ticket. One reason is because you HAVE TO HAVE a reservation and another reason is because they are limited on the number of tickets they have for each day - so there is no guarantee that there will be tickets when you arrive in Pisa.

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Maya - there is no official combo ticket for both the Uffizi and Accademia. You will have to buy tickets for each separately, you could do both in an evening if you give yourself 3 hrs for Uffizi and at least 1.5 hr for Accademia. Even in September, I'd still recommend you book tickets ahead of time. You can get both through

But if you want to do both in one evening, another possibility I always highly recommend is visiting them with a guide that can take you to the most important works of art in each and explain the connections in time and styles. An example would be this one: