Never been to Tuscany..But We're going..10 Days


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Our group of six are planning a trip to Tuscany early in Sept. We will have a rental and will be travelling from Paris. Our idea of a vacation in Tuscany includes:

A central base location...we don't want to move accommodations.
A villa for just our small group of 6...more a small villa rental as opposed to apartment style.
A day visiting wineries...
A day in Florence plus any other 'have to see' city or town within a daytrip distance.
My wife would love to bring in a chef for two or three meals with the option of a cooking lesson...or two.

This is what we would like to do in Tuscany...but we have no idea where to'm starting here..

Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch....


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Hi Lourdes..Never been to Tuscany..But We're going..10 Days to the Forum. Since I posted the original request for information I have received two notifications that people had responded yet the responses have not shown up on the Forum there a setting I need to engage to allow this?

Also I would like Lourdes to respond if she is avail. I find your responses very informative and would love your insight on that part of the world.
All responses kindly welcomed and appreciated...thanks.


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Ciao Cornerbrook,

Unfortunately, we've been having problems with a good amount of spam on the forum and I'm wasting way too much precious time in cleaning it up instead of being able to reply to everyone in a short time, as I'm normally able to do. So if you got "responses" that you don't see on here, that is likely what they were and am just sorry I haven't replied directly to your original post sooner. Your settings should be ok - and here I am now!

A central villa for the entire group would be perfect, one you'd keep the entire time and used as a base - just know that many of the villas are actually quite large and thus are often for larger groups, like from 12-20 people. But I do have two to recommend that I think would be perfect, in terms of size and location.

The first is VILLA S. ADELE - with 3 bedrooms it would be perfect for your group. It is a separate villa with its own private pool but on the same estate called Borgo della Meliana that also offers other apartments and smaller cottages, away from the others. So you'd have your own space in a very central location making it a great choice.

The other suggestion is VILLA CORSANELLO which is for up to 8 people, so perfect for your group. It is a little to the south of Siena in the Crete Senesi so maybe a little less central as far as Florence goes but still very good location for day trips all around, including Florence.

As far as wineries: almost all of Tuscany is wine growing with local wineries offering visits and tastings. Once you've selected where you'll stay, you can then look into finding the local wineries to go visit. You really will have a lot of choice, from Chianti and Chianti Classico to Brunello to San Gimignano Vernaccia and more.

As far as the chef goes, I have a great suggestion: I met Ginny and Fiamma a few months ago and they are both chefs that specialize in going to people's villas to either cook meals for them or to offer cooking class - so both options would work out great for you!! Take a look at their website and this interview I did with them:
and my interview:
Take a look, I think they'd be perfect for your group!