New guy from Canada...


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Don't tell my wife but I'm planning on a (belated) honeymoon trip to Florence/Tuscany for us in mid-March, 2021!

The whole coronavirus/COVID-19 has us a bit skittish but hopeful various restrictions will have lifted or eased by the time we travel.

Looking forward to getting advice and information from all of you!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Welcome Shawn to our forum! The surprise honeymoon trip for March sounds great, we won't say a word ;-).

We also hope that restrictions will be lifted by then - what we can offer in advice right now is to wait and not book until closer to the dates. Unfortunately, even the airlines seem to keep on cancelling flights as they try to maximize the fewer travelers into a fuller flight but the restrictions on visitors are still mostly in place for Europe and Italy so at the moment it is hard to know how things will be in March. I say we need to stay positive and hope for the best! Stay safe in the meantime.