New Years 2023/2024 with Kids


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Ciao! We are looking at travelling to Florence for New Years 2023/ 2024 but the New Years page on Visit Florence is from last year. Our two sons are 9 & 11.

Any guidance on what events are happening Dec 31 2023?

Ciao! We update that page when the city gives out specific details on the night's program - you can rest assured that they will do something similar, but the details are not published until around mid December, so I can't offer any additional details for this year just yet! Just know that there are musical concerts across the city and generally some are planned for families, we have personally taken the kids downtown to walk between Piazza della Signoria, Piazza San Lorenzo and Piazza SS Annunziata so that we can enjoy the music and atmosphere in general. The last one generally has gospel, while the first has classical. The main concert we avoid since we had kids, it gets quite rowdy and very crowded.