New Years Eve in Florence


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I will be in arriving in Florence with my 3 teenage grandchildren Dec 29 and leaving by train for Venice on Jan 1. Will markets and museums be open on New Year's Eve? Will there be anything special going on that day or night that I need to know about? Thanks.


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Most everything is open on New Year's EVE but with earlier closing times -- and most everything is CLOSED on January 1st. Since you're planning on traveling on that date, make sure you check the holiday schedule for trains as they will be following that (reduced trains).

For New Year's Eve, there is usually music concerts around the city with fireworks at midnight - you can read what was on offer last year here:
we will update this article in mid-December because, unfortunately, all details on what is planned are not released any earlier than that.

Aside from that, you can also check out what museums are normally doing/open during those days:
(we'll also update that as we know more details).


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Happy New Years


Another thing to note that the Italian restaurants will often offer a “Cenone” - a huge dinner with a fixed menu and a hefty price tag...not everyone does, but obviously this is a moment for the restaurants to earn a bit so many do participate. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of eating out. If you have an apartment, you might enjoy a good meal at home, and then make plans to be in the city center for all the fun and activities as they countdown the New Year (Anno Nuovo!!!)

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Thank you for the replies because I will be visiting Florence from 31st December to 3rd January! :) Understand that, on 1st January, most of the places are closed.. Is there anywhere I can go for sightseeing and take photos during that day?

Thanks in advance everyone!:eek:


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Yes, many museums and churches are closed -- but if the day is nice, you can most certainly take advantage and enjoy the day outdoors. You can walk around the center and enjoy the architecture and views of the buildings, you can cross Ponte Vecchio and walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo for the panoramic view of the entire city, you can take the bus up to Fiesole and see the view from up there.
Many restaurants and other food places will be open, so don't worry about finding a place to eat at ;-)
Worry more about for the night before to book a restaurant ahead, since on the night of 31st many restaurants decide to do a fixed menu and limited seating and close the doors to have everyone celebrate together -- so it will be a tad more difficult to find a place to eat dinner on the 31st.