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New to the group!!! So excited! I am just starting to plan a trip to Tuscany. I am an amateur photographer. I love to take photographs of architecture and landscape. I would like to visit when the tourism is not so heavy, which I understand kinda starts in the month of November, am I correct? How is the landscape in November, is it still lush green? Where would you suggest visiting for the best photos? Statutes, structures, quaint small towns, history.
If I am going to be traveling to take photos, rental car is the best choice I'm assuming. What is driving like there, I mean, I come from a very small town in Wisconsin USA, 500 people at the most, so I am used to traffic being very light and for the most part, quite laid back. Farm country, we put up with alot of tractors on the road.
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Tractors on the road


The further you leave the city centers, the more likely it is you will find tractors on the road. My brother and family were just here in June...and as I drove them around the back roads - trying to keep off the beaten track - I think I found every tractor possible!!:cool:

Every month has its charm, but if you are looking for green and lush you may want to look more towards the end of May or June. In November you will find the olive harvest is in full swing (and these are evergreen trees) but the hills and the vineyards are pretty naked. You will also find that the forests are changing color (great photo opportunity) and the sky has a tendency to be Azzurro (blue) making for great contrasts with the monuments. However, if you came in June all you need to do is be an early morning photographer to get the less crowded shots.

Driving is really not a problem especially once you get out of the city centers. In fact, I find I often park on the outskirts of any city I am visiting and then use public transport or walk it. Like I mentioned earlier, the more you go outside of the cities the faster you enter into a slightly more casual driving style.

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