Nice place to stay near Florece Airport + see something


*Update to be correct and short: a nice plance with swimming pool and also to visit something for 2 days.*

Im arriving at Florence airport and first i thought to visit San Gimignano but i don't like hiring car or bus so taxi expensive.

Is there a alternative a nice place to visit quiet, relax + swimming pool for few days near a nice town/city or visitings exploring something on walking distance.

It for few days jus for relaxing and then i will move to Florence
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Hi Ronald! Benvenuto in Toscana!

There are several good choices you can enjoy from Florence airport. I suggest to move to the railway station and take a train to Pistoia or Lucca, two fascinating little medieval peaceful cities near Florence (Pistoia is about 40 minutes by train) and surrounded by a stunning countryside.
In Pistoia you can book a B&B with swimming pool. For example, Olivia Bed and Breakfast is a nice choice:

If you desire more suggestions on what to see in Pistoia or Lucca, just let me know :)

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