October 4 activities? Kids itinerary?


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My family will be in Florence with me this coming weekend as I have to travel for work Saturday. We will have 2 free afternoons, and 1 morning together, as well as 1 morning with just the 2 yo , 4yo and my husband.

Could anyone recommend any particular piazzas or parks where they could go, weather permitting?

If it does rain, what indoor activities could you recommend for children that small?

We'll be staying near St. Croce.

Thanks in advance!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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playgrounds and the public library

Ciao mishBCN,

The weather doesn't seem to be too promising for Saturday but should be fine for Sunday. I recommend the park/playground in the middle of Piazza d'Azeglio which is close to your for outdoor fun. A smaller playground exists at Borgo Allegri and Via dell'Agnolo.

For indoor entertainment, I suggest you head on over to the Biblioteca delle Oblate, a fairly new public city library on via dell'Oriuolo 26 not too far from the Duomo. The wonderful thing about the library - aside from being able to take books home (most "libraries" in Italy don't) - is that there is a whole children's section with books, playstations, music cds, TV with cartoon dvds, coloring materials and more. Every Saturday at 10.30am there is an activity for kids to encourage reading - while your children are a bit small to really partake in everything, it might be an interesting experience to go and be surrounded by Italian children, color and socialize. Perfect for when the weather outside isn't great. The children's area is open every day from 9 to 6.45pm.

Hope these suggestions are useful!