Oh Man . . . So Sad . . .


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I found out that apparently Florence (Firenze) is in an area called Tuscany!

The first time I heard about Tuscany was on Seinfeld. I though they were referring to a small area in Italy. I didn't know it had cities like Firenze within in.

My wife and I went to Firenze and it was AWESOME! I didn't know I was in Tuscany at the moment as well or would have visited the places they mentioned in the show. Like the super green places, countryside etc

Oh darn it!

PS: Miss u Italy (Roma, Firenze, Venizia). Please call us back :)


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LOL! That you means you have to plan an entire trip back to Tuscany, at least 7 days so that you can come back and enjoy it more fully... and I really do mean, at least 7 days!

Take a look at this itinerary that just begins to cover some of the basics (with some more time in Florence, of course!): www.discovertuscany.com/itineraries-in-tuscany/one-week-in-tuscany.html

100% agreed. We did get a chance to check out Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore plus the nearby areas (Saw statues of Donatello and a whole bunch other geniuses from the Renaissance period).

The part that caught us off guard was how cheap the wine was. Like 2 euros or what not at the local shops. Quality wine too. Awesome food :)

I hope we can go back there soon.