Hi, you really know where and how in Tuscany . I use your forum like a guide book ,planning my trip . May be you know where I can buy artisan ceramics less expensive like in San gimignano, directly from the producers .thanks a lot.


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The area around Impruneta is known for its production of terracotta vases and more, but mostly items are for outdoor/building use (think red tiles for rooftops).
The area around Montelupo Fiorentino is known for its ceramics to be used within the home.

So the best solution would be to look in those areas -- since you say ceramics, I suggest Montelupo.

The "road of ceramics" association in Montelupo has a full list -
from here you can find photos and addresses so that you can get an idea of what they do and come with a plan in hand.

There are many others spread out in the region, so sometimes you find them by looking in a particular area....
in Florence, this one: http://www.ceramicheparrini.it/
in San Gimignano, this one: http://www.laterracotta.com/

Have fun exploring the area!!