Olive oil production


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Most definitely!!

Here are a few links to places that offer visits, guided tours and explanations, tastings.... there was only one that says that visits are suspended because of covid but it might not just be updated yet to reflect the latest developments as everything is opening up again.
Know that the harvest and "new oil" is made in October/November so that's their busy season. You can visit and taste any time of the year.

  1. https://www.fattoriadimaiano.com/en/activities/visit-of-the-mill/
  2. https://www.peccianti.com/visita-e-degustazione/
  3. https://www.frantoiomontepulciano.com/en/oil-mill-visit-and-oil-tasting-lesson/
  4. https://www.molinodelladoccia.oliomontalbano.it/#visiteguidate
  5. https://anticofrantoiodoglia.it/en/tour-and-tasting/
  6. https://www.frantoiogrevepesa.com/en/tours-e-degustazioni/
  7. http://frantoiodeicollitoscani.it/degustazioni/
  8. https://www.pruneti.it/it/prodotto/0/SSCVKYSX/smart-tour
  9. http://www.frantoiocecchi.it/visita-frantoio-cecchi-uzzano.html
  10. https://frantoiodisangimignano.it/esperienze/
  11. https://www.frantoioancillotti.it/degustazioni/
  12. https://fattoriafregoli.com/ (info halfway down the page on visits and tastings, only on the italian version)