Oltrarno parking lot


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My husband and I will be driving into Florence from the Pisa area, to visit the Uffizi Gallery. I have been looking at this site, as well as several others, trying to find the best parking area, outside of the ZTL. From what I can tell, the Oltratrno lot will be our best option. My question is, where exactly is the lot we will be looking for? On Google maps, I see a roundabout directly south of the Porta Romana, and a parking lot directly to the east, as well as another on the north side of the Porta Romana. I just don't want to go into the ZTL, which appears to begin at the Porta Romana. Thank you for your help.


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If you are near Pisa, I would just recommend you head to the nearest train station and take that into the center of Florence.
You avoid worries about parking and the ZTL - and the train station is walking distance from the Uffizi Gallery!
Trains between Pisa and Florence run every 30 min throughout the day, and don't cost too much. So this would be my suggestion ;-)

Otherwise... I would suggest driving to Piazza Tasso and parking there. Walk or take bus from there, it is a little closer than Porta Romana.