One day outside Florence by public transport


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Hello! Please advise us: we’d like to spend one day close to Florence. Go to some village or small town, the best- visit a vineyard, drink wine, have a nice food and just relax and see something. But we’d like to take a bus or train.
Any suggestions?


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It sounds like a day in Greve in Chianti would be perfect for you - read about it here:

Spend a day between the wine museum, visiting the main square and the Antica Falorni butcher shop, eating a nice lunch and drinking some fine wine (and enjoying gelato too) and maybe a walk to Montefioralle (if it isn't too hot).

At the bottom is the link to the bus line that gets you there and back to Florence ;)


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Great idea! We'll go for it. Just one thing: the timetable is very difficult to read for me:confused: We'll stay in the historical centre of Florence and would like to go to Greve on Saturday (market...;), 16.08, lets say around 9 a.m., would you check the bus for us pls :eek: ?