One week in Val d'Orcia?


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We have one week in Tuscany and I was planning to stay the entire time at a rented farmhouse in Val d'Orcia, making day trips from that beautiful setting. Will I regret spending 7 nights in one place? It is not as central as some other towns but it is stunning. I don't want to feel rushed - the point of this vacation is to relax - but I don't want to feel trapped either. Will I be better off splitting the week into two "base camps?" Thanks!


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One full week in Val d'Orcia


If the main idea behind this vacation is to relax, then one week in Val d'Orcia won't seem like enough! Don't be mistaken thinking that the countryside does not offer lots to do - especially if you are to tone the pace down so as not to feel rushed.

Obviously, if you are thinking of including places like Florence, Pisa or Lucca in your itinerary, then you will feel the drive a bit more. But if those cities are not highlights for you, I suggest you just settle back and enjoy the amazing (UNESCO world heritage site) and all it has to offer.

Besides the numerous small towns (and larger towns like Montepulciano or Montalcino), delicious wines and hot water springs you will also find

-> great hiking - check out some of the stops along the via Francigena
-> a few amazing museums (like the mineral with a train ride in the caves)
-> some splendid castles like the one in Sarteano

Many just spend a few days enjoying the area, but from one who lives here and has plenty of opportunity to visit - I never get tired of discovering something new.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise