One week relaxing in tuscany


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Hi again,

I am travelling to Pisa on the 22nd June and you suggested earlier that I stay my first night in Pisa as the flight gets in about 21.30, sadly the restaurant you recommended closes at 22,00, (the menu looks superb) we will just have to see what is still going to be open when we arrive. we will definately do as you suggest and have lunch there the following day. We will probably spend the afternoon visiting Lucca then move south.

24.06 - 27.06 Radda
27.06 - 29.06 Florence

We have one night left and quite fancy San Grimignano on 23/06, do you think this is too much of a sameness, as after that, we are moving onto Radda for 3 nights?

Our idea of the vacation is to get the feel of Tuscan atmosphere by driving around visiting villages, sampling the local wine and eating in typical restaurants of the area, added with a bit of culture by visiting, Pisa, Forence, Sienna and Lucca.

We do not want too stressful a holiday, this is our first visit to Tuscany

As we live on the Andalucian coast in Spain, we are not looking for beaches.

On our route, is there are any typical Tuscan typical restaurants you could recommend.

We are really looking forward to the trip now as it is less than 4 weeks away.



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Ciao Carol,

Makes sense to move from Pisa and Lucca down closer to Radda so San Gimignano would be perfect and it is different than Lucca and Radda. They are all towns with centuries of history but each has their own character. Lucca is the bigger of the three, San Gimignano is a small town but Radda is even smaller. Each one will be different and give you a different sense of Tuscany, of its past and its present.
Each one also has its own local wines so make sure to try those out in each area. San Gimignano is known for its white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, while Radda is in the heart of Chianti Classico. Lucca has wines made in the hills around the town. It is hard to recommend specific local Tuscan restaurants, but you won't have trouble finding them since most offer local cuisine. Just stay away from ones that look very touristy or have someone outside trying to wheel you in. In Siena make sure to try the Pici pasta - like spaghetti but handmade so the noodles are wider. The dish is pici all'agliata which is a tomato sauce with roasted garlic and red peppers, garlicky but not super strong. In Siena we ate at Osteria Nonna Gina di Lella e Dado right outside of an arch called Le Due Porte. Local home cooking, very tasty.
If I think of any others, I'll let you know!