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Hello. I will be visiting Florence in a couple of weeks and have a question regarding the OPA Pass. We plan to visit the Duomo & Crypt, Baptistery, and Palazzo Vecchio & Tower. Entry to the Duomo is free. The Palazzo Vecchio has it's own fee associated with it. But I can't find a fee from the Baptistery and Crypt separate from the OPA Pass. Is the only way to gain access to the Bapistery is to buy an OPA Pass?


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Visiting the Duomo Complex


The Duomo is free - however, everything else has a ticket - and a reservation is required to visit the Duomo! But actually this is a good thing, the combined ticket is much more economical and the reservations help cut down on the line wait. In fact, you can book entrance into the other monuments at the Duomo for free.

If you have the time the museum is really a fantastic treat, completely renovated and filled with interesting pieces.


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There is only the one single OPA Pass now to visit all of the monuments in Piazza del Duomo. It is 15 euros and valid for 48 hours from the time of first use.

The climb up the duomo is the only one that requires booking a time to avoid long lines, but there is no longer a way to just pay to visit one or two of the monuments.

And yes, visiting the cathedral remains free.

For your planned itinerary, you'll need to get the OPA pass and pay separate entrance fees for Palazzo Vecchio and the tower.