Orvieto to Saturnia by taxi

Edwin McLean

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We wish to go to Saturnian by taxi on sunday 1st sept. is it realistic? We are booked in Orvieto for the 31st. We have not booked Saturnian yet. We will stay there for one night and then wish to travel on to rome .
Any advice welcome


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Edwin,

While Orvieto to Saturnia is only 77km away, it really isn't "on the way to Rome" as it is due west.

In any case, if you really want to have the experience of the Saturnia hot springs, look into getting a quote ahead of time so you know how much it will cost and not just jump in a cab and find out later how much it ends up costing. Taxis are expensive in Italy - they charge by time and distance.

I found these two on Google that offer service:


These seem to be both two drivers that will take you where you want to go - but contact them ahead of time and get a price estimate and reserve ahead of time.

At that point, knowing how much it could cost, you can also look into car rental for 1 day in Orvieto and see whether it would come out cheaper for you to drive out and then head down to Rome on your own... or to another town from which you can drop off the car and continue on by train (Grosseto would be a good drop off point, as well as Orvieto).


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Thank you for your prompt and accurate reply, the taxi links are helpful.. I will come back to you now thru Rita to avoid confusion... Which accomodation place is actually closest to the free hot springs? it seems hard to find this out properly.?? you can reply to Rita with this if you like Caio.