Packing/Shoe Recommendations for Summer

Our 2 week Tuscany trip in August is fast approaching and we can use some recommendations for packing light and bringing the best shoes for the massive amount of walking we will be doing.

We will be visit Cinque Terre (3 days in hotel), Florence (3 days in hotel), Chianti (1 day in B&B), Buonconvento (6 days in Agriturismo), Venice (1 night in hotel) and Milan (1 night in hotel). We will use the train for the first part of our trip and rent a car for Chianti and Buonconvento.

Our goal is to each bring 1 roller/carry-on and 1 backpack, if possible. I have heard conflicting information about wearing shorts, but as it will be so hot in August, I cannot imagine not wearing shorts. Any suggestions for what to pack (for both men and women) would be most appreciated.

We are also looking for recommendations for best shoe options, as we know we will be doing a ton of walking. As it will be hot, as well as we will need good support, are hiking sandals (such as Keene's or Teva's) a good option (as well as appropriate)? Or are sneakers a better option? Or a pair of each? Or have you a better suggestion? We do plan to eat out most nights, so we want ensure we also plan for appropriate clothes and shoes for evenings.



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Bring BOTH. You should count on alternating your shoes so you don't get blisters - so both would be best. Remember make sure they are shoes that are already tried and true, don't do anything new and fancy. Even if you are planning on going out at night, you really don't need to dress up in Italy - unless you are going for elegant and sophisticated. Italy is pretty casual especially if you are simply looking for a good pizza. If you had a light pair of dressier sandals (no heel is suggested due to the uneven cobbled stone streets) then you could probably include those in the suitcase.

Shorts are appropriate just be sure if you are going into any churches that they are not short shorts - or bring a long scarf that will cover up those legs. If you anything think layers, because even in August the evenings can get cool and if we get a good rain shower then again it can get a bit cool. A light rain coat is better than an umbrella, look for something that will cover your back pack as well as you. And like I mentioned above for the shoes and going out, you don't need any fancy clothes unless you are anticipating going super elegant. Italy is pretty casual - and who knows you might just find something sweet and summery at one of the local markets, then you can use that for a dinner out.

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