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My wife, daughter, and I will be visiting our other daughter in Florence from Thursday 4-21-2016 thru Monday 4-25-2016. We are staying at the Grand Mediteranneo Hotel. We have scheduled, through Enterprise, a rental car to pick up on Monday morning to head down to Amalfi for a few days. We are contemplating getting the rental car a day earlier and driving to Perugia and Assisi for the day. If we do that, we would need to park the car for the night hopefully at our hotel, or close by, and leave for Sorrento in the morning.

My questions are is our plan to rent the car a day earlier and drive to Perugia feasible? Will we be able to park in Florence for the night? Should we just take the train to Perugia?

I am concerned about the Limited traffic zones.

Please help.


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Train to Perugia


You can do Perugia via train, it is a slow two hour ride out - and there are trains that don't require you changing. However, are you planning on substituting one of your days in Florence with a trip to Perugia? There is so much to see in Tuscany - closeby without a two hour train ride - I sugget to maximize your vacation time that you look a little closer "to home" so to speak.

Just Florence alone can take two days to visit the many wonderful museums, churches and sites. Siena - is close and an easy day trip with public transport, as is Prato, Pistoia and Chianti. You could also look into the free guided tours by That's Prato

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Thanks for your response DonnaDenise

We have 2 days planned for Florence and the 3rd day to visit surrounding towns, as suggested. This would be our 3rd trip to the region and we have never visited Perugia, or Assisi. We thought it might be a nice way to spend the day.

My concerns are related to using a car in Florence and the ZLT. We did just hear from our Hotel that we can park our car/van there and it outside of the ZTL. The ZTL's were not existing when we last visited Florence.

Interesting concept, perplexing if you are visiting from another country.

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The alternative really is to take off a day somewhere and head down to Perugia and Assisi and NOT drive back to Florence since you are heading south toward Sorrento.
It actually makes no sense to do the same 100km (x 4 times) of road between Florence and the exit you take off the A1 toward Perugia two days in a row!

Since you say you've already been to Florence in the past, what have you seen of Tuscany already? I am sure we can find other alternatives (if you can't move down to Perugia because of booked hotels) to keep you busy in Tuscany ;-)