Parking at COOP Viale Nenni - 50143 Firenze (FI)


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I have read that this is an easy place to park and catch the bus in to the city. Do you know if I can leave my car there overnight?


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Parking at Via Nenni


The things to look for if you want to park your car over night anywhere:

1) that you park in a blue parking space and pay for the entire time you are there, check signs to be sure you know the time frame for parking. White spots are for residents and if you park there you risk being towed
2) be careful about parking in store parking lots because many places lock their parking lots up after hours (that means your car too)
3) check local street signs to be sure that that is not a street cleaning day - because they will tow your car. the sign is normally a white back ground with a blue circle and a red line thru it - and there is usually a little street cleaning truck on it. You will see the date and times when they clean the streets.
4) beware of parking spots that look too easy - they may have a white, blue and red sign like above that says "passo carrabile" which means no parking because other cars pass through here -- and that means you can get towed.

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