Parking close to Florence


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We will be driving from the Cinque Terre and want to stop for a day visit to Florence. Of course we do not want to attempt driving into the city. Where would be a good place to park and then catch public transportation to the city center? After our visit we will be driving on to Cortona. I would appreciate any suggestions.


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As you arrive from Cinque Terre (on the A11), take the exit to the A1 --- just a few kms ahead, there is an exit for "Villa Costanza" - it is a parking lot on the A1 and from there the tram T1 takes you all the way to the central Santa Maria Novella train station. Parking costs 7 euros for a day, the tram line costs 3 euros round trip - it is the cheapest parking for visiting Florence and you avoid worrying about driving or parking in Florence. From there, you continue on the A1 down to Cortona after your visit. It is very convenient and easy now since that parking lot opened - you can read more about it here: