Parking for the day in Sienna on our way to Greve: Is it safe to leave luggage?

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Me, my girlfriend and my parents will be driving through Tuscany for 6 days. I plan on spending the first two nights in Maremma national park and then head to Sienna, arriving as early in the morning as possible. Then, we would spend the whole day in Sienna and leave in the the early evening for Greve.

The plan sounds doable, until I read that you don't recommend leaving luggage in the car for long periods of time. Is there a way to go around the problem, as I do not want to backtrack and do not want to miss Sienna?

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Well, if the luggage is not visible it is better. But if the car is super loaded where the suitcases are easy to see, I would be hesitant to leave it all day there and recommend others doing so. But we've also stopped in Siena on our way down to Maremma and left luggage in the car over lunch.... we just made sure it wasn't noticeable. I'd also suggest parking in a well-trafficked area in one of the main parking garages. Even if not manned, they do have security cameras and there is a lot of people coming and going, which I hope dissuades any possibility of break-ins. Keep in mind they AREN'T commonly heard of occurring as Siena and Florence are not huge cities (I wouldn't do it in Rome, for example) but it is just being cautious.

Also consider that if you're staying near Greve, you could just head there in the day and enjoy the rest of the day there, checking in and relaxing. Then head back to Siena for a full day the following day. It isn't far at all, so it would be perfectly fine to do it in that order as well ;-).


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Lourde's advise is spot on. You could go straight to Greve and enjoy the afternoon there, unload you luggage and do a relaxing happy hour at one of the many little restaurants/bars in the square - its a lovely, sleepy little place to people watch, with some cute little shops for art, ceramics, wood working and wine (of course - wine!). Then use another one of your days to visit Siena with an empty car. The distance really does make it a very easy trip - and you will feel more relaxed knowing that you don't have to worry about your luggage.

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