Parking garage Florence - booking ahead?


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hello, we will be traveling to florence this week and will have our card parked in a parking garage in the center, ideally giglio. it will stay there for two days. is it necessary and / or recommended to book our parking spot ahead because the garage fill up quickly? how could we book ahead online? thank you!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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You don't necessarily need to book a spot ahead of time unless you really want that specific garage because it will be the most convenient for you. We have other garages on here: plus a link to book the private garages through parclick (disclaimer: affiliate link) through which you can book the Giglio garage. Usually if you find one is full, you can head to another - but you'll need to know how to get there without going down too many narrow streets. Just at that point, don't leave the ZTL area - you need to park in a garage and get your license plate sent to the local police so that you won't receive a fine for having entered the ZTL for no apparent reason. Even if it just means parking for a few hours. You don't often get discounts for staying long unless you let them know as soon as you arrive that you plan to take the daily rate and not the hourly one.