Parking in Certaldo


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I am traveling with my family and staying near Certaldo. We have a car but are not sure where the best place to park so that we can jump on the trains to other towns. Do you know how much it costs to park? and can we leave our car there all day? Lastly, what is the name and location of the rail station in Certaldo?

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There is parking near the train station, both street parking as well as a few lots. The closer ones near the station are likely to be more full, so I suggest you head to the one on Via Leonardo da Vinci - here's the waypoint on Google Maps:
You can leave your car there all day, that lot should be free (the lines are white, generally blue when paid.... double check that there are no parking meters nearby since the last time we went they could have been put up).

From there, you can walk toward the station, there is a pedestrian sidewalk that passes from Via XXVI luglio right across from the station under the tracks to get to the station without a need to go around to find a road.